Our School

Kempsville High School is committed to equipping students to be independent, responsible, academically proficient, technically and globally literate critical and creative thinkers.

The current building of Kempsville High School first opened in 1966 with approximately 1,800 eigth and ninth grade students; Norman W. Morris served as the first principal.  Tenth grade was added in the fall of 1967, eleventh grade in the fall of 1968, and finally a senior class in the fall of 1969. Today, Kempsville High houses grades nine through 12.

The history of the Kempsville area is depicted by symbols on the school seal and the seal is emblematic of a new history in the making. The Chief, who is the dominant figure on the seal, represents the early settlers, hence the explanation of the "Kempsville High Chiefs." The fact that industry produces reward is symbolized by a plowshare and crops. The tomahawk crossed with the peace pipe shows the acceptance of human differences and the compatibility that comes through the untied effort of all.

Interesting Facts:

-  Kempsville High has been used as a high school and an elementary school.
- There were only 4 girls in the first graduating class. 
- The 700 hallway was added in 1968 and the 800 hallway was added in 1995.
- Kempsville was the test school for the revolutionary A / B schedule.
- The Class of 1994 petitioned to have the name of Kempsville's street changed to Chief Trail.
- Kempsville's street number, 5194, was decided based on former principal, Dr. Tonelson's, birthday (May 1st) and the year of the graduating class.